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What is magic truffles microdosing?

Firstly magic truffles microdosing is the practice of ingesting very small  amounts (“micro” amounts). Moreover, with psychedelic substance to improve mental aspects like creativity, energy levels, mood, focus or motivation.

With microdosing you take such a low dosage of the psychedelic that you can continue to function capably in daily life. A typical microdose of dried truffles is just 300 milligrams. If using fresh truffles, you would have about 500 milligrams. Some people use a little bit more; each person’s preferences are different.

You can either purchase pre-prepared packs like ours, which contain six (slightly higher) one-gram microdoses; enough to last for a 3-week period of microdosing – or you can grind them down into a powder.

Either way the powdered truffle microdose can be taken “dry” as is, deposited inside empty gelatin capsules, or mixed into water or another liquid (note: we don’t recommend drinking alcohol in tandem with microdosing).

What are the risks of magic truffles?

It is often thought that there are no risks associated with the use of “natural products” like truffles. That idea is wrong. Violent and even negative emotions can arise from the effects of truffle use. Most people have what is called “a bad trip” which can be due to the user not being able to handle the effects. Much like people who don’t know how to handle their alcohol. A bad trip can be annoying, but almost never dangerous.

The active substances in truffles are not harmful to the body. However, it can become dangerous in very exceptional situations. For example, the chance of having a bad trip is higher if you drink alcohol before or during the trip.

Note: Please make sure you use truffles responsibly. The more careful you are, the fewer the risks.

What happens during a bad trip?

  1. The trip turns out to be more intense than you thought in advance
  2. There is usually fear, panic, restlessness
  3. Experiencing unpleasant feelings and emotions
  4. Psychiatric illnesses (depression, psychosis) may get worse or last longer
  5. Injury from doing something dangerous while on a bad trip

Note: When on a bad trip, make sure you are in a safe place so you do not run the risk of accidentally injuring yourself or others. For example: do not go cycling or try to operate machinery of any kind.

People with psychiatric illnesses such as depression or psychosis should not take truffles. There is a risk that the disease will recur or last longer.

If you are pregnant, have a disease and/or use medication, it is better not to take truffles. Truffles are potentially dangerous for your unborn child.

Can one be addicted to magic truffles?

No, it isn’t possible to become addicted to truffles. Given the intense effects that occur from the use of microdosing magic truffles, they are not used very often. Truffles are typically used a few times at most. The chance of mental dependence is therefore not very great.

Strongest (magic truffles online)
  1. UTOPIA: Utopia makes users construct their own world with their imagination. It allows you to reach a higher level of awareness and also offers you strange visuals. The perception of colour changes; figures remove themselves from normal geometric reality. Expect deep thoughts about life and the universe. The Psilocybe utopia is very powerful, so 5 – 7.5 g is a good dose for novice trippers. It is good to take less in the beginning if you want to test it first. For an average strength experience, 8-10g is good, and everything above 10 g provides an ultra-trippy experience.
  2. HOLLANDIA: This is one of the strongest truffles in Amsterdam. It makes you experience hallucinations and vibrating waves all through your body. Increased senses and more intense creativity can create a fantastic imagination for “tripping” artists. Hollandia makes users feel one with everything.
  3. MOKUM: This one may not be as strong as the aforementioned truffles but it is still very powerful. The effects are a lot like those from weed: users become more social and suddenly have contemplative thoughts about the existence of life. Given the dosage, 7.5 g can deliver a number of “trippy” experiences. A dose of 10 g is considered medium and 15 g is for more experienced users.
  4. PANDORA: This is basically the opposite of Pandora’s box. It’s opening a box of truffles and unleashing all the effects that come with them. If you want serious psychedelic vibes, this is one of the most popular truffles in Amsterdam. The 7.5 g dose is good for new users. For stronger effects, 10 g should be enough. For a complete immersion in the mystical psychedelic box, 15 g should suffice.
  5. ATLANTIS: The Atlantis truffle was discovered in Fulton Country, Georgia (US).


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