shroom chocolate bar

shroom chocolate bar

Blending the synergy of 8 super food mushrooms with that shroom bars love is a no brainer, or maybe a big brainer with all that amazing mushroom goodness!  It’s a chocolate treat that boosts the body and mind, so there’s no guilt in this indulgence. You value freshness, which is why all our chocolate bars are produced in small batches to ensure you get the very best quality in each bite savored.

Our 8 Mushroom Superfood Powder Extract combined into a delectable chocolate bar. $4.99 per bar, Comes in a pack 5 mushroom bars, 35 G each. 2 grams of mushroom extract each bar.

Fair-trade cacao, made with 100% USDA Organic mushroom fruiting-body extracts.


Cacao, Cacao Butter, Coconut Sugar, Mushroom Powder Extracts (Reishi, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Maitake, Shiitake, Tremella, & Turkey Tail)


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Customer questions

When you order these chocolate bars you get 10 one ounce bars in a small cardboard box. Each bar is individually wrapped. At the moment is is $55.00 for 10 bars or 10 ounces of this shroom chocolate bar. That makes this chocolate come out to $88.00 PER POUND.

These shroom bars taste basically like dark chocolate with what seems like a bit more of an aftertaste. It seems like maybe it is a tad sour. It smells like dark chocolate and it looks like dark chocolate. They DO NOT taste like mushrooms.

I don’t think I would call these any better or worse than most any other dark chocolate bar I’ve had. The only real noticeable difference is the price. At $5.50 per ounce (a bar is one ounce) you really need to believe that these shroom bars with a “functional mushroom blend” in them are going to somehow have a dramatic impact on your looks or health. Personally I don’t think either of those is likely to happen simply from eating chocolate with mushrooms in it. If you look around online you can find what look like similar products that cost about half of what these cost.

Overall, I think these are perfectly good chocolate bars but there is no way in a million years they are worth $5.50 an ounce! Maybe if you were wandering through the boutiques of Aspen or Jackson Hole you’d expect to pay $5.50 for a little piece of wrapped chocolate but not when ordering in bulk online. Sometimes the addition of mushrooms to products does make a difference. For coffee I think it does. For dark chocolate bars not so much.

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