Magic mushroom Expereince | First time, What i saw, How i felt.

My journey with mushroom has been a little interesting one. However that’s because mushrooms get you high, you hear horror stories about people getting butt necked running down the street. People jumping off buildings, seeing stuff, i mean how it was portrayed in movies. Moreover it was something i had back of my mind.

So a group of my friends shared their experience and still was not sold. Moreover, because that fear of how my experience would be. Honestly the fear was about my personal experience and not of the drug it self if that makes sense. I think it was this year and maybe like March or April. I have done tripping shrooms now a handful full of time. Furthermore, i think taking mushroom have definitely change my perception and it has also enhanced my personals development journey.

We were at brunch having a good time dinking bla bla bl. And you know it was just brought up like “we got some shrooms at crip like who is down”. I felt a tense chill because mushrooms get you high so we were like ok lets get it popping. To add to that, we went to the crip we were all friends since high school. However i am 26 now i can say we was a core group of friends. It supper important going into your trip to having like secure safe people around you. That’s there is no judgement or anything like that.

So this people are like my family i love them. To continue, we went back to the house and i was asking questions about how much we have to take. However for me i did not really want to like dive in. I wanted to have a little bit to fee lit so i did a gram my first time. I definitely would recommend you do a gram first see how it affects you, then gradually increase it. You don’t want to be starting with 5 grams nothing like that its kind of crazy.

Moreover, took a gram and literally did not feel nothing to be honest i don’t what i was expecting. I think because ive tried weed before, and i like to have a cocktail perhaps i was expecting familiar feelings. Whereas, shrooms is not like that it takes a little while to get into your system it really different. Then because you don’t know what to expect you don’t know what to look for. So even though it was already affecting me i didn’t know because i was expecting something crazy.

You know like moving objects, spaceship stuff like that, something to be jumping of the walls. I was like mushrooms get you high where is it i don’t see nothing. However in reality its all about perception because it a hallucinating drugs. But i would say not all the times after I’ve taken it did i hallucinate. You might say the hallucinating aren’t as crazy till you realize it.

A couple minutes flew by, the room was still basically the same i kind of felt disappointment at first. However, it got to about 40 minutes in me and my friends ( 3 guys two girls). I starred at my home girl and said maybe it don’t work on girls. Cause the guy already told claimed to be tripping balls. Obviously cause they took more than a gram.

Moreover, there this nice chalk wall at their house so my friend was like hold up. The was is moving, then i was like what where you know i wanted some excitement. I look and i see it moving too, so i was like “woooaaaaw” we started at it for a good 20 minutes. And when i tell you time stood still, 5 mins felt like an hour.

To add, you going through emotions so it might be only 5 minutes. Moreover, you just fee like it took a longer thats it felt. Regardless mushrooms get you high, that was the first thing that popped out. She saw it and i did too. Its not like saw anything on my own. It was only because she pointed it out and that’s when the balls started rolling. I think your able to see some the same hallucinations but everybody is individual. It all depends on where you mind it its all emotional.

Quite after that, it starting rolling for me too because of the tripping shrooms. I started seeing my own hallucinations and one that i can remember vividly was seeing the wall dripping water. The was like water falling from the walls, it was like a slow constant stream. Got to point where the floor felt wet so it really real to me. But i still had the presence of mind to like know all this is really not happening.

More to that, mushrooms get you high i saw a few other ones really, anything with like texture, color constant stated moving. From the tress and the grass and the sun i stated to see a lot more colors looking very vibrant . It was like i was outside for the first time in my life, it was like i actually saw a tress.

You know when you been longing to see something or just hearing about something for so long then you get to actually see it. That was the feeling i had, like i saw it presence and felt it. Instead of it just being something in my view. I saw it as a living thing it was like seeing it for the first time to be honest.

However, my first experience was probably one of my favorites. Because i feel like in that moment a blind fold was taken off. You can function you can remember everything it not like with alcohol when you just black out or anything. Nor weed where you feel stock and heavy. We were eating food watching movies, just that your perception is a little crystal clear, or vast i would say. I am a vivid dreamer a lucid dreamer. That part of my brain i connect with a lot. So to feel something so similar in my reality was something over whelming.

My first experience was so beautiful not only because i was in good company. Moreover, the things that were coming up we very eye opening. It was like healing, and my perception definitely change as they say so that was accurate. For me personally my whole purpose of me trying mushrooms was to see if it was going to enlighten me and see what it would bring. Just being able to actually see things not just looking. But seeing and finding beauty in many things and to connect with self was simply amazing.

I’ve had a few experiences after but non have been bad. That’s because mushrooms get you high i don’t go really high dosage i don’t think its necessary. Being out side in nature that was probably the best time that i had, i cried but it was tears of joy it was so much love and appreciation your ego is turn down. We are very egotistic by nature, and being on shrooms it made me very humble and loving. And being ok with my vulnerability and seeing it as beautiful thing. If you can just imagine 5 friends sitting around on tripping shrooms being hippies, but i don’t regret it all.

To conclude, i am a big advocate i always tell people to try tripping shrooms at least ones because it is very enlightening and effective on self development. I think majority of the people that do tripping shrooms for bigger reason. Its really some more personal for me, but wanted to share it with you guys and i am all for enlightenment and personal development of higher self. So for me that was essential for my journey and i loved my first trip.

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