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Before you Buy: What you need to know about mushroom capsule

Functional mushrooms are getting insanely popular, but they can still be pretty confusing. A quick look on amazon you will see thousands of different mushroom supplement. But there is a lot more to it than that. In this article i am going to be telling you what you need to know you to be able to spot the deference. Between different types of mushroom supplements and why that matters. Including how they are grown, what parts of the mushrooms are used and how they are extracted. After reading this post you will be way wiser on the world of supplement mushroom. Moreover, you should be able to make a decision on what might be right for you. For example lions mane mushroom capsules.

What Part of the Mushroom is Used.

We want to cover the intricate details of how mushroom capsule are used. First thing to note here is what part of the mushrooms are used in the supplements. So mushrooms are basically made of 2 parts. We have the MYCELLIUM which is the root structure of the mushroom and we have the FRUITING BODY. Which could be thought as the mushroom part of the mushroom. ” I know you know what i mean”, now if you go ad buy a random mushroom capsule. However, there is chance you will either get one or both of this parts of the mushroom.

The MYCELLIUM contains different components from the FRUITING BODY. However they are both sold as the same thing. MYCELLIUM it self can be cultivated quite easily using two methods. That’s either growing it out on grain or growing it in a liquid fermentation. Now the Process of growing the MYCELLIUM out on grain is actually an intermediary step. However, its not the final step in the mushroom going process.

FRUITING BODY is a lot more difficult to cultivate and it much longer process, because you actually have to maintain to actually fruit and harvest the mushroom.

In general mushroom capsule contain either MYCELLIUM or mushroom FRUITING BODY. However sometimes you will a supplement that is called ” FULL SPECTRUM” which means that it contains both.

Processing and Extracting.

So after you know what part of the mushroom was used you also need to know how it was processed. Processing and extraction methods can have a massive impacts of the quality of the final product.
To take it a step further and get the best out of medicinal mushrooms, they need to be extracted. Moreover this is because our buddies cannot efficiently break down the mushroom cell walls. However extraction makes those compounds Bio available. Thus meaning it break down those cell walls and pulls hose compounds out so that our bodies can absorb them. So how this is usually done is, a whole bunch of FRUITING BODY are dried and turned to fine powder. Secondly the powder is simmered in large bards of either hot water or alcohol to perform the extraction. The extracted powder is a lot darker than the fine FRUITING BODY powder. That’s because it contains a lot more concentrated version of those beneficial compounds.

Alcohol vs Water Extract.

Furthermore, anothing to consider whether the extractions was with hot water alcohol or both. However, MYCELLIUM compounds are not extracted so this is a merely a consideration for FRUITING BODY extracts. The important thing is to remember different compounds require different extraction methods to get them out. It really depends on the shrooms and the compound you looking to get from those mushrooms. Now BETA GLUCANS are the compounds that are responsible for the immune supporting benefits of shroom are hot water Soluble. Meaning no alcohol is need to extract those benefits out.

Turkey tail is a really good example of mushroom that benefits mostly from hot water extraction. Because it is packed with BETA GLUCANS and hot water extraction pull those out. This is why people will often make a mushroom tea cause it a low tech mushroom extractions. However other mushrooms have important compounds like Triterpenes which are not soluble in water. Then those are the ones that benefit for alcohol extraction.

Dual Extraction

Moreover, that’s when the Dual Extraction comes it. Which meaning using both hot water and alcohol extraction. To get both the hot water soluble compounds and alcohol compounds in the final product. However this is usually done in sequence where on is done after the other. It can also be done in a solution of both alcohol and water or it can be done completely separated.

Where by the final powders are combined for the final product. Moreover, the purpose is to make those powerful compounds ( BETA GLUCANS, TRITERPENES) bio available. So can actually use them and get the most benefits. When it comes to shroom there is so much other there, it could be really hard to know whats going on.

To some experts indifference can be obvious, but I can totally understand why it can be a little foggy. That is for someone who just wanted to experience the benefits of shroom. But did not want to dive super deep into it. But hopefully after this intriguing read you feel empowered to better understand the massive world of mushroom capsule. And to make important decisions on what’s right for you. If you want to dive deeper be sure to check the blog. We offer loads of shroom content which is highly encourage you to go check it out. If you found this article informative go ahead and shop with us.

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