cubensis spore print


cubensis spore print
dry psilocybin mushrooms,

There are thousands of different shroom( cubensis spore print ) and fungi in the world, although i truly love them all there are some that hold a special place in my heart. this is are ” magic shrooms ” , they are becoming more and more popular every single day. The idea of shrooms being anything more than just a garnish on your pizza is still a new concept to many

In this article i want to go over the bases of magic shroom. Including what is in them what makes them so special and the top types you need to know. By the way if you like shrooms as mush as i do. Please take the time to hit check out our blogs.

First they are used for focus, cognition, energy, enlightenment, vitality. Also cure depression, help get off addictions and just nature health benefits and wellness. Further, the concept is nothing new idea, magic shrooms have been used since the ancient time. Know this types of mushrooms are the ones your will typically find in the grocery store. Magic mushrooms are recently trending with more and more products available that include different varieties of mushrooms. In some way like the shrooms infused chocolates, capsules and so on. However what is new is the science of how this actually work in our body. The science is forever on going but it is already proven. That this shrooms can support our health in a variety of ways.

Compounds in magic mushrooms ( psychedelic science cubensis spore print)

Psilocybin is founds in magic shrooms, its a compound that is broken down to another compound. Which is very very similar to a natural occurring transmitter in the brain or a chemical messenger in the brain and that’s called serotonin. It is subtlety different but is interesting about this magic shrooms is the little deference bring profound effects on consciousness. The brain enter a hallucinating state, what is more fascinating is that we are biologically hard wired. To have this type of experiences also that it is not just unique.

Types of magic mushrooms

  1. Albino penis envy is a type of magic mushrooms where people use it for major clarity and focus and some kind of brain benefits.
  2. Amazonian mushroom also called the athlete shrooms for its energy and for endurance and also increasing blood flow in the body.
  3. golden teacher mushroom typically used for sleep support relaxation, for immunity and for just overall vitality

You might be wondering how you actually use this mushroom or what to actually do with them. Moreover as mentioned in previous articles this magic mushrooms are not very tasty. However, you wouldn’t want to just eat them fresh. Further the beneficial compound on this mushroom are locked in tightly inside the shroom cell walls.

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