blue meanies mushrooms

what are blue meanies

Firstly, blue meanies mushrooms are one of the strongest psilocybin and they produce small medium size brown to white mushroom. These dark blue mushrooms when peaked can pack a punch. However, mushrooms with the gens penealous are super common. Also they grow globally in tropical and temperate environments. Penealous cyanescens is a tropical sub tropical grass land species which is often found in dunk. Moreover, just like another familiar shroom we know ” Blue Meanies”.

Further, if you are not aware of blue meanies as mentioned before you could easy miss a pouch of the while foraging. However, for the more popular cubensis whuch will be a big bummer. Moreover, because you are probably looking for psilocybin containing mushrooms and as mentioned these are strong ones. As well as, blue meanies are believed to contain 2 to 3 times the psilocybin found in cubensis.

Identifying blue meanies mushrooms

Let us talk about identifying blue meanies, because that’s what you probably want to know. How do find these things begs the question, so in the field they turn to be light grey or off white at maturity. Also, when they are young the caps are light brown and then fade to off white or light grey. Moreover, the gave yellowish tones, the caps are approximately (.5 to 2cm in diameter).

Further, they expand to bell shapes, the margin is incurved when young and also they loose their color as they dry out and often develop cracks in dry weather. However, their stem turns to be 7 to 12cm long and 2 to 3ml thick and the width is equal along the length and slightly large at the base.

Furthermore, the stem is colored like the cap and cover in a fine white powder. As well as, a flower like smell and taste and like with other psilocybin fungi when they are are damaged the mushroom bruise greenish or blue and that can often be seen on the cap or stem with blue meanies.

where do blue meanies grow

As mentioned this are topical and sub topical species so in tropical regions the mushroom grow year round. Also in the subtropics they grow from late spring to autumn and are non to occur in temperate zones during wet and humid parts of the summer. Blue meanies are mostly found growing on cattle or horse dunk in pastures and fields. Furthermore, they singly and also in groups, they appear in soring or raining seasons.

Moreover, their range in the united states is from Florida along the golf coast where it grows year round. However, blue meanies mushrooms were actually thought to have been introduced to other countries by movement of life stock. So it is assumed that Penealous cyanescens was introduced to the islands of Huawei during the early 1800 when cattle were imported there from the Philippines and now they occur through out the tropical and sub tropical regions of the northern and Sothern hemisphere.

In addition, blue meanies are commonly found in Mexico, South America, Colombia, Bolivia and Peru eastern Australia, India, southeast Asia, south Africa, France and Italy. So blue meaines grow in much of the world.


Penealous cyanescens are generally small and has black spore and often grow on dunk. However, but not all contain psilocybin. The Penealous genes contain 13 species that produces psilocybin

  • Penealous cyanescens ( blue meanies )
  • Penealous cinctulus

Penealous shrooms are called motor gills due to the irregular spots or patches of color on their gills. Also, there is something worth noticing apart this particular species. Moreover, Penealous cyanescens is a mushroom with many names, but according to some other mycologist the common name was found in Australia. And apart from gold tops blue meanies is one of the more commonly used description of psilocybin containing shrooms.

How potent are blue meanies

As mentioned they are non to be pretty strong. The effect of blue meanies mushroom may come on quickly due to the higher levels of psilocybin. Blue meanies are often reported to be 3 to 2 times the strength of psilocybe cubensis. But yet there is very little data to support these claims. Moreover, it important to remind everybody that we ready don’t have lot of vigorous scientific data generally speaking on the potency of different varieties of psychedelic mushrooms. In 1992 there was a mycology expert who said that the potency was variable from 0.17 to 0.95% psilocin and 0.16 to 0.19% psilocybin dry weight.

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