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b+ vs golden teacher

Today we’ll be diving head-first into the exquisitely unique properties of b+ vs golden teacher mushroom including their trademarked shapes, gill structures, and most importantly, trip-inducing effects. However, we want to note that the strain of your psychedelic mushroom is ultimately of little importance. 


b+ mushrooms vs golden teacher

Mushroom cultivators and breeders can also cross different specimens so that the offspring display preferred traits.

“A cultivar, by definition, has been cultivated and is not a naturally occurring specimen,” said Nate.

“b+ mushrooms vs golden teacher is probably the most famous of these Psilocybe cubensis shrooms. Other well-known psilocybin shroom strains include Penis Envy, Blue Meanie, Z-Strain, Lizard King, and Albino A+. What is clear is that the mycologist who developed Golden Teacher was better at naming cultivars than whoever came up with Penis Envy.”

Golden Teachers are a medium strength psilocybin mushroom. When consumed, psilocybin is converted by the body into psilocin, the main psychedelic compound in the fungus. For those interested in journeying with Golden Teachers, an introductory dosage would be approximately two grams of dried shrooms. Two grams allows the user to experience the effects without feeling overpowered or out of control. A medium sized dosage would be three or four grams, while five grams or more would likely kick off a full transcendent experience.


“The first time I tried Golden Teacher shrooms, I was young and wanted an adventure,” reflects Nate. “In hindsight, it was helpful that I had friends with me who knew what to expect and were not afraid. We all hung out in the woods until they started to kick in, then we went to a party.”

Nate recalls that he began to feel waves of awe as he perceived the beauty and color surrounding them.

“What captured my attention was the reflections of the glass on all the cars and windows,” he recalls. “I observed that I was not hallucinating in the sense that I was not seeing something that was not actually there.

“I felt like the Golden Teacher mushrooms had rebooted this system and I was wide open.

As he arrived at the party, his psychedelic journey began to take on different dimensions.


Further, i was grappling with the fact that the noises that one person makes can impart ideas and concepts into another person’s mind,” said Nate. “I had never really contemplated that before, and all of a sudden it felt like a form of magic that humans had invented. It seemed clear to me at the time that the thing that makes humans so different is this ability to transform ideas and concepts into sounds that someone else can then transform back into ideas and concepts.”

For Nate, the shifts in perception that he experienced journeying with Golden Teachers were more meaningful and memorable.

“The first thing I noticed as they started to take effect was that the trees looked like they were breathing. I was already a botany geek, and I remember the ‘ah-ha’ moment when I remembered that trees do breathe. These trees were exhaling the gasses that I needed to live. It was these relationship type connections that jumped out at me.”

“This is pretty typical of people who are inexperienced with these substances. However, once people have a little experience, nearly everyone agrees that, while interesting and often beautiful, hallucinations are a small and some what insignificant aspect of the whole experience.” Instead, a journey with Golden Teachers can bring subtle (or potent) changes in how the world is viewed and understood.

About B+ Mushrooms


The b+ mushrooms vs golden teacher is a relatively fast colonizer that fruits very easily and produces some large fruits in abundace. A hardy forgiving strain makes this an excellent choice for beginners as it grows easily in a variety of conditions. Colonization temperatures are 84/86 degrees F. Fruiting temperatures 74/78 degrees F. is optimal.

B+ Magic MushroomsThe B+ is a domesticated hybrid shroom of unknown origin. Under a microscope, this strain closely resembles a P.cubensis but shares some characteristics resembling a P.azurescens.

It’s a unique P.cubensis strain and performs very well indoors making it a popular strain for home hobbyists. It tends to yield larger than average fruit bodies that range from moderate to potent for a P.cubensis strain.

The infamous B+ strain of cubensis… what a chameleon this one is. This is by far the most versatile cubensis around. Adapting and growing in such a wide range of temperature conditions and substrates in nature.. It truly thrives to spread its seed, which by the way its a very heavy spore depositor. The B+ has been witnessed growing outdoors in nature fruiting several times in a wide range of temps and substrates. Several times one winter, night time low of 45F, day high of 60F, the B+ just flourished. Spring/summer, low of 75F, high of 90F, the B+ once again fruited beautifully. We’ve heard so many good reports back from growers in Amsterdam that just love this shroom and how easy it grows, and how beautiful it is, its loved by many.

Although the B+ is not a super fast colonizer, its speed is average, producing some very large shrooms that are generally a caramel color. When growing in nature in cooler temperatures, it usually always produces a very beautiful color caramel cap and stems. The stems are generally very thick, and it produces some large caps. It also drops a very thick veil. When growing in warmer temperatures, it’s color changes to a more golden color at times.

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